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In Scoil Phádraig,  we are very committed to the use of Information and Communication Technology in educating our pupils. We believe it is important that the school mirrors the rapid technological changes that are evident in the wider community.

All classrooms are newly fitted with SMARTboard Interactive White Boards since September 2010, thanks to the generosity of the B.O.M. and the tireless fundraising of the Parents’ Committee.  Each classroom is also equipped with a laptop, a modern 3-in-1 printer and a personal computer. 

Students engage with the interactive whiteboard very quickly. The large surface gives them ample space and encourages them to work together. By writing with a pen or their finger, they can draw over any application or website to highlight key points, record observations and brainstorm ideas. They have the entire resources of the universe at their fingertips including:

  • websites
  • video and audio clips
  • interactive teaching programs
  • interactive software such as digital flipcharts
  • use of additional peripherals such as electronic microscopes or digital cameras and scanners.

 The benefits of an interactive whiteboard in the Classroom are many.
Research studies have found:

1. Interactive whiteboards support a range of learning styles; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.
2. The use of the interactive whiteboard in the classroom leads to consistent improvements across all subjects.
3. Interactive whiteboards have very positive impacts on the attention, attitude and motivation of all pupils and produce a co-operative, ‘community of learning’ ethos in the classroom.
4. Interactive whiteboards help with teaching abstract and difficult concepts and complex ideas – visual tools help pupils concentrate for longer and understand more fully. 


    Computers are used as tools for research, basic skills practice, writing assignments, multimedia presentations, creative expression as well as providing access to a library of curriculum software.  The children of 4th, 5th and 6th class avail of computer classes in our local community centre.  We also use SKYPE to communicate with past pupils and families who moved abroad, as it is a great way of keeping in touch through live video link.  The school has a digital camera which is used extensively by all members of staff.


Young people are using the Internet to make friends, play games, download music and do homework. As parents the most important thing you can do to reduce the online risks is to engage with this digital lifestyle.

Webwise provides Internet safety information, advice and tools to parents teachers and students. They can be accessed at www.webwise.ie

Webwise 10 top tips for parents

  1. Discover the Internet together.
  2. Agree with your child rules for Internet use.
  3. Encourage your child to be careful when disclosing personal information.
  4. Talk about the risks associated with meeting online friends.
  5. Teach your child that not all information on the Internet is correct.
  6. Remember that it is not always their fault if they come across inappropriate content on the web.
  7. Report online material that you think may be illegal to appropriate authorities  on www.hotline.ie
  8. Encourage respect for others (e.g posting comments on Bebo etc)
  9. Know your child’s Internet use.
  10. Remember that the positives outweigh the negative aspects of the Internet.


Typing Game Super Typing

Super Typing

You’re a sniper in the city! Awesome!

Typing Game Typing Asteroids

Typing Asteroids

An easy-to-play typing game where you type the words in the falling asteroids before they strike your planet.

Typing Game Type-a-Balloon


Pop balloons before they escape into the atmosphere.

Typing Game Keyboard Climber

Keyboard Climber

Climb through the forest while dodging coconuts!

Typing Game Excuses Excuses

Excuses Excuses

Type excuses for not having your homework!

Typing Game Clockwords: Act 1

Clockwords: Act 1

Destroy the invading bugs with your vocabulary!

Typing Game Key Master 3

Key Master 3

Defend against hordes of monsters, collect keys, and blow stuff up!

Typing Game 24 Minutes

24 Minutes

Jack Cannon needs your help defeating the terrorists!

Typing Game Magic Spells

Magic Spells

Type the magic words to outsmart the evil witch.

Typing Game Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad

Type as fast as you can before the fuse burns out!

Typing Game Soccer World Cup

Soccer World Cup

Score a goal while learning to type!

Typing Game Word War 1

Word War 1

Words are attacking your base! Shoot down the paratroopers by spelling the word that they form.

Typing Game Albarn's Attack

Albarn’s Attack

Uh oh… Albarn is under attack! Save him from the natives!

Typing Game Typing Adventure

Typing Adventure

How fast can you type your way through the amazonian temple?

Typing Game Farm Defender

Farm Defender

Save your crops from the hungry, hungry birdies!

Typing Game Balloon Master 2

Balloon Master 2

I’m poppin’ bloons like a lizard; we do it right, gettin’ slizzard.

Typing Game Fast Typer 2

Fast Typer 2

Type as many words as you can before the time runs out.

Typing Game Lightning Typing

Lightning Typing

Zap the mice with lightning!

Typing Game Trash Typer

Trash Typer

Save the sea from falling trash!

Typing Game Typing Monster

Typing Monster

Save the city from an evil monster by typing magical spells.

Typing Game Arrow Dance

Arrow Dance

Practice your arrow keys while learning some new dance moves!

Typing Game Tarantuloid Typing Terror

Tarantuloid Typing Terror

First person shooter where you shoot evil Tarantuloids coming at you fast!!

Typing Game Assault Typing Powered

Assault Typing Powered

A typing game with a mix of the shoot ’em up variety.

Typing Game Typo Mania

Typo Mania

How fast can you type out the falling typos?

Typing Game Wizard Typing

Wizard Typing

You’re a wizard destroying the volcano explosion!

Typing Game Typing Hero

Typing Hero

Type the bass track of the Black Sabbath song “War Pigs”

Typing Game Typing Defense

Typing Defense

Destroy the asteroids before they reach and collide with Earth.

Typing Game Type Storm

Type Storm

A funky fresh typing game

Typing Game Krazy Keys

Krazy Keys

Key the alphabet in the lowest time possible!

Typing Game Nature Typing

Nature Typing

Type the words as they fall gracefully downwards.

Typing Game Type Type Revolution

Type Type Revolution

Forget dancing, it’s typing time!

Typing Game Air Typer

Air Typer

Save the world from word filled blimps with your trust letter shooting fighter.

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