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The parent/teacher partnership is an integral part of your child’s education and open communication is very important. There are a number of ways of promoting this aspect of school life.

  • Parents have an opportunity to meet with teachers informally when delivering children to school in the morning or when collecting them in the afternoon.
  • The parents of incoming Junior Infants are invited to an information meeting in the school in June.
  • Parents should always approach the school to discuss any matter which they perceive to be adversely affecting the educational progress of their own children.  If, at any time, a parent has a grievance against the school the matter should be brought to the attention of the Teacher and/or the Principal with a view to resolving it.  If the matter is not resolved at this stage it should be brought to the attention of the Chairman of the Board of Management.
  • Homework Journal: Please check regularly for any notes from the teacher. You may also use the journal to send notes to the teacher.
  • Letters from Staff/Principal: Sent as needed. Please check your child’s bag on a regular basis.
  • Parent/Teacher Meeting: Formal parent teacher meetings are held annually to discuss your child’s progress and the  results of  Standardised Tests. You will be notified in writing by the class teacher.
  • School Report: Issued annually in June.

Parents are welcome to visit the school to discuss matters relevant to their children’s education with teachers. A suitable time should be chosen which is mutually convenient and if the meeting has to take place during school hours please bear in mind that class work should not be disrupted for an extended period and that supervision of the teacher’s class has to be arranged for the duration of the meeting.



SMS (Texting) Service

Scoil Phádraig operates a free SMS texting service for parents to alert them about various school-related issues such as half days, school holidays, meetings, outings and notes.  The services is operated in conjunction with the Irish Primary Principals Network and any parent that has provided the school with a mobile telephone contact number is automatically included in the service. For further details, contact Bernadette.

Learning Support

The school provides learning  support for children who find it difficult to access the curriculum. Children who receive help must fulfil criteria laid down by the DES. Support may be provided in the child’s classroom or in a separate classroom. Following the administration of standardised tests children are identified who would benefit from support. Parental consent is required before children are withdrawn from classrooms for support.


Parents are asked to supplement state grants by making an annual financial contribution to the school.  Apart from helping out with the running costs of the school a generous response from parents to our annual appeal enables us to provide better facilities which benefit all children.

Thank You for your continued support

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