Our uniform consists of a navy trousers, skirt or pinafore, a bright yellow polo shirt, and a navy jumper or cardigan with an image of the school crest attached. We request that children wear flat black shoes with their uniform and plain white, black or navy socks or tights.


Here is a link to the Social Welfare Back to school clothing and footware allowances and entitlements.


All clothes and property such as books, coats and lunch boxes should be clearly marked with your child’s name. We would encourage you not to allow your child to bring expensive items such as jewellery, toys, or other items of value to school as we cannot be responsible for them.

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Many children now own a mobile phone.
The use of mobiles to phone or text is strictly forbidden during school hours. Pupils found using them will have them confiscated until the next school day or parents/guardians may be asked to collect same from the Principal’s Office.


Only a very limited amount of jewellery is permitted.

  • Earrings: Where a child has pierced ears only small stud earrings may be worn.
  • Children are also alIowed to wear a watch and a small ring.

Care of the Hair

Parents are asked to check their child’s hair for head lice regularly as it is a national problem. If a parent contacts the school about this matter, all pupils in the concerned class receive a letter, stating school policy and the procedure to be taken. Pupils who are infected are to be treated at home. Long hair is to be tied back or plaited.  Here is a copy of our Head Lice procedure for your convenience.

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